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Den Helder

North West Weightlifting (the organizing club) is a certified trainingscenter for olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and functional fitness and a brand for olympic weightlifting barbells and plates. 

The organizing team worked very hard to organize a very good tournament. In May 2020 the competition was postponed to November 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation in Europe was still not safe enough to organize the tournament in 2020. There where too many uncertanties for the athletes and for the organization. It has been postponed to August 2021 and later on to October 2021.


Adela Pijcke is a masters athlete in 2021 competing in the W55 age category. She is a 4 times European masters champion, European masters record holder and 3 times World masters champion. Since 2016 Adela is an official at international masters competitions. She is a certified weightlifting trainer. Her passion is weightlifting and teaching other people the art of snatch and clean & jerk.

Harold Pijcke is the chairman masters of the Netherlands. He is a (retired) naval logistics officer. He is an expert in running complicated logistic operations. Harold studied management, logistics, and (sport) psychology. Since 2015 Harold is an official at international masters competitions. His passion is promoting the sport of weightlifting and organizing competitions and events.

Adela and Harold can rely on a strong team of volunteers. With this team they're working very hard to make the tournament in Alkmaar well organized and an unforgettable experience for all participants.

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Jennifer Boer

"Hi masters weightlifting community! My name is Jennifer Boer, I am a Dutch weightlifter, and good friend of the Northwest family. Through my job as a health economics consultant I have also lived, worked, and lifted in both the UK (Sheffield) and US (Las Vegas). My big dream is opening my own weightlifting centre one day. Currently, I am too young (1988) to lift as a master so I will be using all my energy and power to make the event a great success. Over the years I have also developed my skills as a coach and official, so you might still see me in the warm-up area!"


Justyna Markiewicz

"I am Justyna Markiewicz; Polish master athlete. Since 2007 I live in The Netherlands. My friends say that I am a Polish-Dutch girl and that is true; I love both countries very much. In both countries I am active in weightlifting. I am a certified weightlifting coach and official in the Dutch weightlifting federation. Weightlifting was and is always in my life. I am proud being a part of the team organizing the championships in Alkmaar and I am looking forward to see you in 2021!"

Maarten Haan

"Hi all, my name is Maarten Haan. I am 35 years old, born and raised in the Netherlands. By day I am a communications advisor. I discovered strength training when I was 19. After 15 years of dedicated training I was looking for a new challenge, so I decide I wanted to learn a new sport. My girlfriend Jennifer (also a weightlifter/volunteer) introduced me to Olympic weightlifting. When my technique has become decent and my body has finished adjusting to this new sport I am looking to test my skills as a masters athlete. Until then I will support my friends at North West Weightlifting in making this event memorable for everyone. I am looking forward to seeing you all!"


Lonneke Oordt

"Hi, I am Lonneke. I started weightlifting seven years ago and since five years I have been a competitive weightlifter. I competed in two European masters championships. In 2018 in Budapest I won a bronze medal and in 2019 in Rovaniemi I won the gold medal. I like masters weightlifting because of the atmosphere, the vibe and the athletes. I have a lot of experience in organizing competitions and big events (in crossfit, volleybal, tennis, etc.). I will use my experience to help make the European masters championships in Alkmaar a pleasant and well organised tournament. I am a CCPS registered nurse and I have been asked to work in the medical team. Together with a doctor and two first aid helpers we will take care of the health of the athletes. The members of the organizing team know each other very well and there is a good vibe. This will help to make the championship an unforgettable experience for all participants.