in the area of Den helder

Den Helder is in the North West of The Netherlands. The city is surrounded by nature and beaches and Den Helder is the home port of the Royal Netherlands Navy.



Within a short distance of the venue you will find a nature reserve called  'Donkere Duinen'. It is a beautiful reserve for short or long walks, to get some oxygen before or after the competition. From the reserve you can walk straight to the beach.


North of Den Helder there are several islands called 'Wadden eilanden' which can be reached by ferry. Between the islands and the main shore the sea is called 'Waddenzee'. The Waddenzee is a national nature reserve which is on the world heritage list. From 'Den Oever' (which is a 20 minutes ride from Den Helder) you can take part in several excursions by boat for watching seals, wadlopen (which means walking on the sea bottom during ebb) shrimp fishing, etc.).



From Den Helder up to Egmond aan zee there is 50 km shoreline with several nice beaches.



Within a short distance of the venue there is a fort called 'Fort Kuikduin' which is built by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1811. There is a restaurant and a sea aquarium in it and you can have a (guided) tour. It has a nice sea view and from there you can see the island of Texel and the Waddenzee.


Close to the city center is the Royal Netherlands Navy Museum (Marinemuseum). Here you can go into a (real) submarine and experience how is (and was) life in the Dutch navy.