Dear fellow masters,


Finally, after 1.5 year, we are able to organize the European masters weightlifting championships. The organizing team will do her atmost to make it a pleasant and successfull event for all of you.

Please read our general information below:


Most of the COVID-19 restrictions are no longer in effect in The Netherlands. There are still rules in effect but the way it is now makes it possible for us to organize a pleasant and safe championship.

Visitors are allowed and there is no entrance fee. Visitors have to show a COVID-19 certificate at the entrance. This is a condition for our event permit, so no discussion with our staff please.

If the certificate is approved, visitors will get a wristband, which indicates they are checked. Visitors must wear this wristband the whole day.


Athletes, coaches, officials, employees and volunteers are free from this rule. They will get a pass at the accreditation; please wear this pass the whole day.


Wearing facemasks and 1.5 meter distance is not mandatory anymore, but please respect those who'd like to maintain this.


Each athlete is allowed to bring one coach. At the accreditation each athlete will get one athlete's pass and one pass for the coach. The coach is designated to an athlete in her/his session. He/she is not allowed to use the pass in other sessions.

No training in the warm up area. There is a training facility (Crossfit Alkmaar) outside the venue. 

For each warm up platform an athlete can get a set of change plates at the entrance of the warm up area. He/she gives a valid ID as a deposit.

Please keep the warm up area clean. No excess use of magnesium and waste in the baskets please. Please clean your barbell after use.


1. There is a restaurant for visitors in the venue (9.00 - 17.00). 

2. Visitors who want to be seated in the restaurant might need to show their COVID certificate.