The main sponsor of the event is the Province of North Holland. 


The province of Noord-Holland is 1 of the 12 provinces the Netherlands consists of. From an economic point of view it is arguably the most vital part of the Dutch economy. The province holds a strong international position in various fields.

The Province of North Hollands is partner of EMWC2020 to help to make the tournament as sustainable as possible and to organise side events to promote strength sports for all ages and abillities.


Bos Rubber is established in 1994 and is the number one  company in the Netherlands for fitness floors. All their products are made of hi-tech european granulate rubber. Bos rubber developped rubber tiles especially for weighlifting with the highest bounce and noise reduction.

Bos Rubber is providing the European Masters Championships of a rubber floor in the warm up and training area.

Bos Rubber B.V.

Handelsweg 3


(+31) 224-571468


Under the acronym Impulsive Artist Jolanda van Westerneng creates both graphic and analogue art. Her creative mind provided us with our unique logo and other expressions of the EMWC-merchandise.